Being born to meth exposure was a rough start for Charlie.

The first 6 months with meth side effects were awful. Meth exposure on an unborn child is detrimental. But that was a whole year ago.

Charlie is busy. Since the minute he was mobile he has been so busy. He gets into everything. He tears everything up and moves onto the next thing. Anything he can grab he will. It goes in his mouth, it gets thrown on the floor and smashed. He is the king of destruction. I like to call it re – arranging. Every minute all day long that he is awake it is exhausting. You have to watch him every second to keep him from getting hurt or into something he shouldn’t be into. I think this is probably just typical of a busy toddler. But because he is a meth exposed baby, I always wonder just a little bit, is he normal?

When he is not feeling good with a cold, or tummy ache or cutting teeth, he is awful. He is the worst person to be with when he isn’t well. He screams and cries and whines and fusses every minute. It’s enough to make a mom go bonkers. But most days are good. He is a happy, well adjusted, and confident one year and 1/2 old toddler. He is sweet (giving kisses, love, hugs and he says love you). He is so adorable it just melts my heart. He is also very social and charming and outgoing. I just know right know he will have tons of friends and probably lots of girlfriends. I will have to carry a big stick with me. This warms my heart so much to know that I get to be this kid’s mom. And I have so much to look forward to as he grows. I can’t hardly wait to see what he will be like in one year, two years and on.

Charlie 16 months

I believe he is absolutely normal. I am so blessed I got to adopt Charlie as an infant and that I got to start his life life on the best foot possible. He is going to be so GREAT.