Meth Baby: The reality of it

“I just can’t get over you calling your own child a “meth baby” it’s not nice”

reddit meth baby post

This week I posted to reddit a casual IMA AMA. For a newbie like me that is  I am A…. Ask Me Anything. I did this to get some discussion going since most of the time I have no one to discuss a meth exposed baby with.

My post was this “ImA adoptive mom to a meth exposed baby AMA”    In my description I wrote “I fostered Charlie for 1 year and I then adopted him in February of 2016. He is a meth baby with side effects. I searched for information on what to expect, only to find very little information. After 16 months I have first hand experienced a meth baby. Ask me anything.”

Most of the questions were good and some people offered stories of hope. But one person replied. “I just can’t get over you calling your own child a “meth baby” it’s not nice.

My reply was, “What else do you want me to say? Sorry but that is the reality of it.”

Anyone can say what they want, that is our right as free citizens. But this really shouldn’t be offensive. I am not trying to pick on anyone or single out anyone’s ideas and thoughts about this. I was glad for the input, It gave me a chance to really consider this topic. I simply am stating  facts. He was a baby born to a mom who smoked meth.

20 or so years ago the term used so often was crack baby. Well here in the midwest, today, where meth is rampant they are called meth baby. I shouldn’t have apologized for this term. That is exactly what they are. Babies exposed to methanphetamines. I certainly do not introduce my son as “here is Charlie, he is a meth baby.” When he is old enough to know what drugs are and what that means, I will explain to him how it is very bad to smoke meth and it took almost everything from his bio parent’s lives. He has already been exposed to drugs and it didn’t do him any good. Maybe he will see it my way. I hope so. I hope he can say to himself, I have already tried drugs and it only caused me harm, and wasn’t any fun.

Meth baby. That is what my baby was. Not what he is.